DEPARTMENT Engineering

Hoverlay Inc. is an end-to-end platform for creating, hosting, sharing, managing and viewing immersive experiences using Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences. Hoverlay was co-founded by Nicolas Robbe and Milan Kovacev. The company is based in Massachusetts, United States, and aims to “bring spatial publishing to the general public”. When creating an experience, users can edit and publish them on Hoverlay spaces, and view them on the Hoverlay app.

The Hoverlay app is available for all iOS devices and Android AR-compatible devices. It is used by local communities (cities, parks, cultural), universities and individual artists. Hoverlay abstracts the technical aspects of building an AR experiences and enable immersive content to be deployed at physical locations instantly. Hoverlay currently supports images (PNG, JPEG), videos, including green screen videos (MP4), 3D objects (GLB/GLTF), call to action buttons (URL), spatial audio (MP3), and 360 images and videos (PNG, JPEG, MP4)

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